Tacti Track is a GPS Tracking Company centrally located in Kentucky – in the USA. We offer Covert Tracking Equipment to Law Enforcement and Government agencies all over the world.   Our mission is simple: Offer a competitive pricing structure which allows more tools and resources to be placed in the hands of Law Enforcement officials to combat crime.  The more tools you have to do your job, the safer you can keep our children and communities.

  • Covert Vehicle Tracking – Magnetic Vehicle Trackers with rechargeable batteries ranging from 2,000 mAh – 32,000 mAh.
  • Informant Tracking – Never send your Agents in blind again. We offer a variety of trackers including those with a PANIC button.
  • Package Tracking – Track your packages locally, or across the country to infiltrate the dealer network.
  • K9 Tracking – NEW!  We now offer a K9 Tracker that can track your dogs down to 1 second!
  • Custom Tracking – We offer a variety of custom trackers and concealments to suit your various operations!

What separates us from our competition is not only our mission, level of customer service, &  competitive pricing, but our top notch equipment and software.  We offer only the BEST GPS Tracking Devices on the market today.  When it comes to our software, we challenge you to find something better out there!  Call, Email, or Chat with us today to see how TactiTrack can change the way you are doing business!